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Shawn Springs wonders if Haskins is done in Washington

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Dwayne Haskins didn't just get supplanted as the Washington Football Team's starting quarterback Wednesday. He got demoted to third-string behind Kyle Allen and Alex Smith. 

For a former first-round pick, a drop down the depth chart that like that is significant. Not only are you not the next man up if the new starter struggles, but there aren't exactly a lot of live reps to be had in practice for the third quarterback on the roster. 

Taking all of that into account and the fact that the 2021 quarterback class looks strong and Cam Newton will once again be a free agent, it's fair to wonder if we've seen the last of Dwayne Haskins in Washington.

On 980 The Team's Kevin Sheehan show, former Washington cornerback Shawn Springs gave his thoughts on whether this demotion means Haskins is done in DC. 

"I would take it that way," Springs said. "If I was a player I would take it that way. But I'm quite sure that's going to be a question that's asked and if not then it's shame on our media for not doing their job."

Springs, who played his college career at Ohio State like Haskins, has been a mentor for the young quarterback since high school. The demotion was a surprise to Springs. He doesn't think four games is enough time to get a full understanding of what Haskins can do and in what was perceived to be a developmental year for Ron Rivera's club. The decision to pull the starting quarterback this fast didn't add up for the former Pro Bowler.


"It's one of those leagues where if you come in with a sponsor who supports you and wants you to be in their program and wants to spend a little time and develop you then you have a shot," he said. "If you come into the league and they say it's a developmental year but it's really not a developmental year, it's more so, "You got two or three games to show me something before I put my guy in' then that's totally different."

Haskins wasn't available for comment after Wednesday's practice since, due to COVID-19 protocols, players talk to the media through Zoom meetings and the participants are determined by the team. But at some point, you have to assume Haskins will speak to the media in some capacity. 

His future with the team is now in question, and we're starting to see more examples around the league of teams moving on from their young quarterbacks earlier. Maybe he earns his job back or gets another shot to play before the season ends, especially if another team runs away with the division.

Whatever happens, the likelihood that Haskins is in Washington long term seems to have taken a major hit this week. Is it fair to him? Probably not, but the NFL is a league where job security is rarely guaranteed.