Six random connections between Aaron Rodgers and Washington

/ by Peter Hailey
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Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with his situation and Green Bay, and the Washington Football Team should put everything on the table to try and get him out of there. Hell, they should even throw in the table itself if that's what it takes.

Now, are you looking for an angle — any angle — that may be enough to push the Hall of Fame quarterback into Washington's arms?

Here, maybe these will suffice:

  • Rodgers went to the University of California. That just so happens to be where Ron Rivera went, too. Maybe the two Golden Bears can have a reunion in Burgundy and Gold?  
  • Rodgers was drafted 24th overall in 2005. Ryan Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, was taken 250th overall in the same class. Who better than Fitzpatrick, the journeyman's journeyman, to help Rodgers transition to a new franchise for the first time in his career?  
  • William Jackson III's only career touchdown in the NFL was after an interception of Rodgers at Lambeau Field (and it's just one of three pick-sixes in the legend's career, by the way). Rodgers is known as a fierce competitor, and he could get his revenge on Jackson every day at practice.  
  • Rodgers loves to golf and Terry McLaurin is now very much getting into the sport as well. That pair could hit the links together, and when doing so, McLaurin can tell the passer how he reads certain defenses while Rodgers teaches him how he reads certain putts.  
  • Here's another McLaurin one: He wears 17. Know who wore 17 in Green Bay? Davante Adams, of course! Rodgers wouldn't even have to get used to a new number for his favorite target.  
  • Lastly, Aaron Rodgers is undefeated at FedEx Field in the playoffs (1-0), so if he is ever able to secure home-field advantage for Washington for the postseason, he'll basically guarantee himself a spot in the Super Bowl.

Try and find a flaw with any of those six bullet points ^^^. You can't, because one doesn't exist.  Start buying those 12 jerseys now, guys.