Down 17-0 to the Eagles early in the season opener, the Washington Football Team were able rally at home for the victory. Dwayne Haskins and company were not as lucky the following week in Arizona, falling behind 20-0 in a Week 2 loss to the Cardinals.

Two very different results, both plagued by slow starts out of the gate. And while there has been plenty of blame to go around, much of it has fallen on Haskins. Former Washington quarterback Jason Campbell has a theory on how to get the current QB going faster in the weeks ahead.

“The one thing you can get doing to start faster I feel like for them is they can start him out with some quick passes,” Campbell told Julie Donaldson on a recent edition of Washington Football Today. “You know, get some slants going, get some screens going. And with him having such a young receiving corps, its more than just him. The young receivers have got to touch the football early so they can feel like they’re a part of the game as well.”


In the first quarter this season, Haskins is a combined 4-11 for just 30 yards, good for a 44.9 quarterback rating. His numbers spike from there, culminating with a 109.4 quarterback rating in the 4th quarter. Campbell sees this as something Haskins needs to address in order to be successful moving forward.


“Haskins has also got to find a way to motivate himself early in football games,” Campbell said. “Let me get things going a little bit faster by speeding up my tempo, the guys around me tempo is also going to improve, because they’re feeding off his energy.”

“That’s why I say when you come into that game, you can’t afford to be down 17-0, 10-0 in the NFL... It’s just too hard to come back from all the time.”

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