Sorry Pat Mahomes, you can't top what Heinicke did vs. the Bucs


There's a very good chance that around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, Patrick Mahomes will be coming off a 300-plus yard, three-touchdown performance, celebrating his second-straight Super Bowl and flashing his second-straight Super Bowl MVP award.

Yet even if all that comes to fruition, it'll still be just the second-best performance by an opposing quarterback against the Buccaneers this postseason. 

That's because, back on Wild Card Saturday, an undrafted guy from Old Dominion who bounced around from the Vikings to the Patriots to the Texans to the Panthers before joining his most recent squad AND who had to make sure his professors were cool with him missing a couple of exams in order to return to the league went off for 306 passing yards, 46 rushing yards and two total TDs versus Tampa.

And those just a few of the reasons why Taylor Heinicke's effort for Washington in early January cannot be topped by whatever Mahomes does on Super Bowl Sunday.

But what if No. 15 totally shreds Todd Bowles' defense and Kansas City wins by three scores and he does one of his iconic sidearm, no-look throws down the sideline to close out the first half?

Doesn't matter. 

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Mahomes turning up, which he always does, alongside the likes of Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman and Clyde Edwards-Helaire, as Andy Reid is calling the shots, wouldn't even cause someone to stop dipping their wing in ranch (which is superior to blue cheese, by the way). 

Heinicke, however, doing what he did with Terry McLaurin and the Undrafteds (that's the band name for the Burgundy and Gold's receiving corps), Logan Thomas, JD McKissic and a banged-up Antonio Gibson basically captivated the entire country a few weeks ago. 

Hell, Mahomes himself was in awe of the feisty signal-caller that evening.

Plus, Washington's backup-backup-backup-backup did this:

That's way cooler and way harder than hitting either the fastest man in the galaxy or the most dynamic tight end ever when they're wideeeeeee open. It just is.

Look, in the end, no one's out here questioning Mahomes' talent or his standing in the NFL; the dude's good and on his way to going down as one of the best, if not the best.

But when he's putting up numbers at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday for the Chiefs, those in Washington will know that the real artist already painted the Mona Lisa at FedEx Field a month ago. Mahomes may get his championship soon, but he'll never outdo Heinicke.