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Sports Junkies think Rivera is already out on Haskins

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Dwayne Haskins' performance through the first four games of the season has prompted questions about his job security as the Washington Football Team's starting quarterback. 

Is Haskins the "guy" moving forward? Will Rivera want to bring in his own "guy" since he didn't draft Haskins? How many games will it take for Rivera and the coaching staff to make those decisions?

If you ask the Sports Junkies, it seems like Rivera has already decided Haskins won't be this team's franchise quarterback. 

"I think the head coach is already out on Haskins to be honest with you," JP Flaim said Tuesday. "When you start using that language, like I said earlier, when couples get separated, more often than not they get divorced. The language that he's throwing out there for Haskins, he's not Rivera's guy."

Some of the "language" Flaim is referring to could include the "cut-off point" Rivera admitted to having for Haskins after the loss to Cleveland. Or the "test" Rivera gave Haskins on 4th and 13 against the Ravens Sunday, which Haskins failed. There's also the reported meeting Washington coaches had with Haskins after Week 3 to make the quarterback aware that it was time to play better.

It hasn't been all bad, however. Rivera has stood by his quarterback after bad games. He said he had no plans to "pull the plug" on the second-year quarterback aftre the Browns loss. Rivera also said he plans on "taking lumps" with Haskins throughout the year. 


Could the latter examples be the overarching feeling inside the Washington locker room? Of course. The point is if that's truly the case, then why is there so much evidence against it?

The 2020 season has posed its own set of unique challenges inexperienced players across the board have had to deal with. Haskins was inexperienced as a rookie and didn't have any preseason games to iron out some of the leftover issues from 2019. 

But when you consider the success other teams have had with their young quarterbacks (Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert), it's hard to imagine a situation where Haskins is Washington's long-term answer at quarterback barring a turnaround over the next few weeks. 

"[Haskins] had a horrific offseason -- and I know what you're gonna say: So did Burrow, so did Herbert -- those guys are just better," Jason Bishop said. "Haskins in particular, had a horrible offseason, he needed more and he wasn't offered that."

"But at some point, don't you want better?" Flaim said. "They want Haskins not to be a serviceable quarterback, not to be a game manager, they want Haskins to be one of the better quarterbacks in the league because that's how you build a perennial playoff contender."

Washington passed on Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 NFL Draft and opted against offering Cam Newton a contract in order to see what they had in Haskins.

Whether that was the right move or remains an unknown, though it doesn't appear as if Haskins has a lot of time to show what he's got. The 2021 NFL Draft is loaded with promising quarterback talents and the sheer volume of quarterbacks around the league have made the free agent market a more fruitful place to shop for field generals.