Staggering numbers between Washington Football's first vs. second halves

Dwayne Haskins prepares to take the snap under center

Think you know how bad the Washington Football Team has been in the first half of games this year? Think again. 

Through two games, Washington trails a combined 37 to 7 in the first half. 

In Week 1 against Philadelphia, Washington trailed 17-7. In Week 2 against Arizona, Washington trailed 20-0. That's ugly.

The good news for Washington is the team has outscored its opponents 35-10 in the second half of games, and that's lead to a 1-1 record through two contests. 

Everyone involved in the Burgundy and Gold recognizes things have to get moving sooner.

"What sticks out is the slow start. We didn’t do a good job this game — or the first game — of starting the way that we want to," Washington offensive coordinator Scott Turner said this week. "Moving the ball, obviously scoring points. There’s a multitude of factors that go into that. There’s some things that we could potentially do differently."

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Much of the slow starts has to land on Dwayne Haskins, but the quarterback said he goes into each game with the same mindset.

"I try to stay normally calm or fairly calm before the game, even during pregame," Haskins said. "I don’t think it’s necessarily a psyche thing or being too hyped up or being too low. I’m always excited and confident going into a game."

Washington goes to Cleveland on Sunday as a big underdog, but that could be some recency bias. In Week 1 Washington beat Philadelphia after getting down 17-0. The team will need to score early to change that narrative.