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This stat sums McKissic’s recent, crazy involvement in Washington

Football Team

JD McKissic is a converted wide receiver who’s been playing running back in the NFL for a few years now. However, the veteran probably feels like he’s back at his old position with the way things are going recently.

McKissic has had a fairly steady role on offense all season for the Burgundy and Gold, but his touches have soared ever since Alex Smith took over at quarterback, particularly in the passing game.

Anyone who’s watched the team with Smith in charge has certainly noticed that trend on their own, but this stat hammers it home. Like, HAMMERS it home:

That nugget obviously only exists because of McKissic’s extreme workload against the Giants and the Lions, but still, it speaks to how much Smith relies on him and how much to expect from him moving forward. 

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Should Washington pull of a miracle and — get this — actually grab an early lead, or if they pull off a different miracle and — get this part (part two) — actually establish their rushing attack, McKissic will see his targets return to a normal level. 

If their matchups continue to go the way they have been, though, he’ll continue to be thrown the ball again, and again, and again.

And again.

Oh, and there’s one more.

Every year, a few random pros emerge as fantasy superstars late in the schedule and help GMs capture their league title. McKissic is very much heading down that path. Hopefully, he didn’t forget his receiving gloves.