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NFC East still a jumbled mess up for grabs through Week 9

Football Team

With another week of the 2020 NFL season in the books, the NFC East is looking just as woeful as it has all season long.

The season is more than halfway through, and yet as things sit in the second week of November, a team with a record below .500 is in the driver's seat.

The Eagles had a bye in Week 9, so their record remains 3-4-1 on the season. That may not sound impressive, but it's good enough for an almost comfortable lead in the NFC East. What is truly incredible is that not only would a 3-4-1 record not lead any other division (obviously) but it wouldn't even be within two games of second in any other division.

The NFC East is historically bad, and things didn't get much better on Sunday.

The Washington Football Team and the Giants squared off in Week 9, with New York once again coming out on top with its second win of the season against Washington - which also happened to be the second win of their season, period.

Washington lost quarterback Kyle Allen and was forced to turn to Alex Smith, who brought the team back but couldn't get past two crucial turnovers late. As it stands, Washington sits in second place in the NFC East, 1.5 games out of first.

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That's because in the division's other Sunday game, the Dallas Cowboys squandered a great opportunity to make some noise. Despite being heavy favorites against the undefeated Steelers - and starting their fourth quarterback of the season - the Cowboys found themselves up 13-0, and 19-9 at points in the game. 


Unfortunately for fans in Dallas, the Cowboys failed to hang on to their surprising lead. The Steelers came back to win 24-19, and the Cowboys dropped to 2-7.

So the Philadelphia leads the division at 3-4-1, followed by Washington at 2-6 and Dallas and New York at 2-7 apiece. With the Eagles getting some of their playmakers healthy again, they still look like the team best suited to make a run. But until any of the four teams start playing better, the race will remain open to the entire group.

The question at this point is if anybody can take advantage.