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This statement from Washington appears to contradict Snyder's response

Football Team

Hours after Dan Snyder personally responded to Wednesday's Washington Post story that alleges additional sexual misconduct throughout Snyder's tenure as owner, the Washington Football Team released its own statement addressing the report.

Here is their statement:

And as a reminder, here's what Snyder said earlier on:

There are a bunch of things to note here, first and foremost being: two separate messages were put out after the Post published its investigation. That in and of itself is rare (and trending toward unheard of). 

Beyond that, however, it's impossible not to notice how different the two statements read. 

Washington said they "have encouraged any employees who have endured similar experiences, now or in the past, to report it immediately." Snyder, meanwhile, labeled the Post's piece a "hit job" and explained that he was "disappointed" that one of the cheerleaders at the center of it didn't bring any of her allegations to the attention of management.

Both statements emphasized the importance of fixing the culture moving forward.

The last part of this that's worth pointing out is that the team's statement was placed on its social media channels and emailed to reporters. Snyder's, on the other hand, was not shared in either manner.