Stats you need to know about Washington Football Talk turning 5


Monday, Sep. 6 marked the five-year anniversary of the Washington Football Talk podcast, which started with JP Finlay and the beloved Rich Tandler before eventually adding Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey.

Before the pod embarks on another season, one that'll surely be totally calm and normal and not surprising in any way, here's a collection of stats about the show's run up to this point...

Number of episodes

Dating back to when JP and Tandler recorded that first installment — a preview of Washington's season-opening matchup with the Steelers, a game that was very pleasant for one fan base and not-so-pleasant for another — 780-plus chapters of the podcast have been published. 

If you've somehow listened to every single one, by the way, you deserve a Game Ball and a hypothetical bourbon. Neither of those are real, tangible things, but fans of the pod will still cherish them dearly.  

Number of Emergency Pods

Of those 780 or so editions of Washington Football Talk, a whopping 30 have been classified as Emergency Pods. 

Perhaps the most famous of those came after the Alex Smith trade when JP had to call in from the Mall of America in Minnesota, where he was hanging out for the Super Bowl. The poor guy had to get off a roller coaster there in order to record. 


Some Emergency Pods are funny to look back on in hindsight, meanwhile, including this one praising the 2018 Zach Brown signing as a 10 out of 10 move or this one where there's a lot of hype about the 2018 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix trade.

2018 was apparently a bad year for Emergency Pods.

The top episodes

The three most-popular Washington Football Talks are...

  1. The pod that was recorded after Ron Rivera's introductory press conference as the new head coach
  2. The pod that was recorded after Washington traded away Trent Williams and ended that saga
  3. The pod that was recorded after Washington totally dismissed Bruce Allen

Hmmm... it's almost like Burgundy and Gold supporters liked it when the organization dumped Allen and hired Rivera!

Countries that listen

A program that began with lots of shoddy audio and sketchy production (aspects that have only slightly improved since 2016) has been transmitted to more than 100 countries in its history.

Some of the more interesting locales include Iceland, Malta, Liechtenstein, Seychelles and Poland.

Maybe by the 10-year anniversary, the pod will have followers on Mars. 

Number of beers that JP owes the listeners

While the exact count is unknown, researchers estimate that JP's tab is approaching infinity beers. Please remind him of this fact every time you see him in the future.