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Stephen A. Smith blasts Cowboys after loss to Washington

Football Team

The Dallas Cowboys have plenty of enemies, plenty of people who root for their demise. Known as "America's Team," many see them as "America's Least Favorite Team."

Yet, no one enjoys seeing the Cowboys fail more than ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. The larger-than-life sports personality and analyst is always there to join in on the fun when Dallas slips. So, after the Cowboys got blown out by the Washington Football Team 41-16 on Thanksgiving, a Smith appearance was expected.

He did, and it wasn't just with a quick tweet or a few words. He delivered an all-time rant at the expense of Dallas.

“Just when I thought that y'all couldn’t mess up even more, y'all made my Thanksgiving. You Cowboys fans out there, it’s a tough night, isn’t it? It’s a tough night, had a tough year. But the bottom line is you all were talking smack," Smith said. "You thought you were going to be in first place after the night didn’t you? You thought you were going to be in first place, you thought they had Thanksgiving, ‘we’re going to be in first place.’ But guess what? No can do.

"Those Cowboys now are 3-8, even lower than we expected. To Alex Smith and the Washington Football Team that don’t even have a name," Smith said. "All I got to say is this: How bout them Cowboys? On Thanksgiving yet again. Bye, y'all.”

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Washington fans probably could have done without the unnecessary diss of their quarterback and to-be-determined team name, but they will definitely share in the enjoyment of seeing a division rival struggle, especially when it was their doing.

The Cowboys didn't have a good Thanksgiving, but Washington did. It appears Smith did as well.