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Cowboys players ripped for not standing up for Andy Dalton

Football Team

In Week 7, the Cowboys lost by three touchdowns to the Washington Football Team, managed just three points on offense and were gashed by one of the league's worst statistical offenses.

But not one of those was considered Dallas' worst moment. It was the fact that after Jon Bostic knocked Andy Dalton out of the game with an illegal hit, no Cowboys were found standing up for their injured quarterback. 

Head coach Mike McCarthy expressed his disappointment with the players' reaction to the play and the morning after the game, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Dan Orlovsky and former Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson piled on Dallas players for their failure to come together in that moment. 

"You're taught from a very early age in football, you don't let anybody punk you or your teammates," Orlovsky said. "There's a big difference between getting beat up on the scoreboard because you're not good enough. But there's a big difference between getting punked and taking that punking, and that's what the Cowboys did in that moment. 

“That’s the most embarrassing moment this season for Dallas,” he said.

Johnson took it a step further, suggesting that every Cowboy player should have gone after Bostic after the play. The Washington linebacker was ejected for the hit and didn't play another down, but Johnson was disappointed he didn't see any confrontation immediately following what was Dalton's last play of the game. 



“They should’ve found the linebacker and went at him,” Johnson said. "I don't care if you're a defensive player, I don't care if you're an offensive lineman. I put it on them to find [Bostic] wherever he's at. It's worth it to get kicked out and it's worth it to be suspended when that sort of thing happens to your quarterback. Period."

The play is over, though. The time for Dallas players to do what pundits are telling them they should've is over. It's now their responsibility to move on and prepare for a Sunday night clash with the Eagles. 

The only problem is, those initial issues on both sides of the ball are still there and they haven't gotten any better with time. 

"First of all you've got Trevon Diggs talking smack to [Terry] McLaurin, and you're letting McLaurin blow right by [you]," Smith said. "Your defense stinks, you can't get pressure, can't cover in the secondary, can't defend against the run and then to top it off you're soft as tissue when it comes to Bostic hitting your quarterback like that?

"The Dallas Cowboys are a mess," he said. I'm upset, Max [Kellerman] because I like to laugh at them but there is nothing about them that it funny because they're so damn pathetic."