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Steve Czaban says Alex Smith's Washington return 'will be a disaster'

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Coming back from one of the most horrific leg injuries in modern sports history, one that made Alex Smith scared for his own life after a post-surgery infection, will make fans and anaylsts fear the worst. 

That's what the Team 980's Steve Czaban discussed while calling into the Washington Football Team Tailgate Show with Al Galdi on Sunday. 

"I think this whole Alex Smith thing is one of the most unreal things I've ever seen," Czaban said. "And I am on record with saying that if he does play in a game, and plays for a significant amount of time, it will be a disaster. Not that he might get hurt again, but his lack of mobility lumped with that reconstructed leg, which is an incredible story that we're all in awe of." 

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Though he's more worried about Smith taking hits in general rather than actually getting injured, Czaban's concern is completely logical. Without seeing Smith evade NFL tackles, the worry will always be there. 

"He can't run around at full speed to avoid NFL defenses. What delusional world are these coaches living in? I guess they think he looks pretty good in practice, in these non-contact 7-on-7s," Czaban said. "I can't believe they think Alex Smith will be ready for high caliber, full fire NFL defenses."

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NBC Sports Washington football insider JP Finlay said he raised these concerns to the man responsible for starting Smith. 


"I told Ron point blank," Finlay told Chip Brierre on Washington's "The Beat" show. "I asked him, 'Coach, are you prepared to be the man that puts Alex Smith back on the field?' And Ron was adamant that every doctor he's talked to has said he's absolutely cleared to play and unless I don't trust the medical science, I have to put him out there." 

While those are important assurances from Rivera, Czaban isn't buying it. 

"But I guess we're about to find out. Maybe I'll be wrong," said Czaban. "Maybe he is fine. I just don't see it."