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Steve Kornacki explains Washington's playoff odds after win

Football Team

With a win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Washington's NFC East title and playoff odds changed dramatically in a positive way.

The basics are simple. Washington has sole possession of first in the division and is one step closer to a postseason appearance. The numbers and scenarios are a little more complex. In times like this, there's only one man built for the job of breaking it all down: NBC News' elections analyst Steve Kornacki.

Typically, Kornacki is breaking down election maps and more in the political news cycle. However, the past two weekends he's joined Sunday Night Football to provide his smooth and easy-to-understand analysis for the NFL playoff picture.

Following Washington's result on Sunday, Kornacki had some new numbers for Washington's playoff chances that fans will enjoy. As it stands after all the NFC games finished in Week 14, Washington has a 71% chance to reach the postseason.

Entering the day, that percentage stood at just 45%. Yet with Washington taking down the 49ers and the New York Giants falling to the Arizona Cardinals, things now favor Washington.

Just a week ago, Kornacki was discussing how New York could clinch a playoff berth. Washington had yet to play - and beat - the then-undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. He knows very well that things can change rapidly.

“So suddenly, Washington with a game up on the Giants and a 71% shot of winning that division and getting that playoff berth," Kornacki said.