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The story of Washington's call to wear all-whites is spectacular

Football Team

Ron Rivera had been waiting the whole season for the right time to make the call. Against the Steelers, he made it.

For the first time in more than a decade, the Washington Football Team took an NFL field while wearing white jerseys and white pants. They had rocked one or the other plenty, but they hadn't brought them out together since 2009.

As far as decisions go, Rivera has encountered much, much more serious ones in his tenure with the franchise, and he'll inevitably come across hundreds of more crucial ones in the future.

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Don't dismiss this choice's impact, however. Because, as Rivera explained it, his players responded to it very positively.

"I was looking for a big game," he said on Tuesday.

"We saved it, we alerted our people. We didn't tell the players. It's funny because, when they came in and saw it, you could hear the excitement in their voice, too. It was kind of neat. It's interesting because a lot of things are happening, you see the excitement, and that's great."

Considering Pittsburgh's (previously) unblemished record and the current NFC East race that's going on, Washington's locker room was no doubt already plenty focused on the Week 13 meeting with one of the sport's top squads. But that last jolt they got once they realized they'd be battling the Steelers in a special uniform had to have added a little more intensity to the evening's affair.

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Rivera, for one, has long been a fan of the color combo.

"It's funny, because people talked to me about it early on," he said. "I thought, 'Wow.' I love the white on white. I loved them in Carolina, we had success wearing them in Carolina, especially in the playoffs. So when they told me about it and the little history behind it, I thought, 'You know what. I'm going to save them for big games.' And when this opportunity came, I thought, 'This was as perfect as it gets.' 

The result ended up being as perfect as it gets, too. 

Going off of Rivera's comments, it may take a bit until the hallowed pairing is rolled out again. You can bet the wait for their return won't span another decade, though.

"Just listening to them being excited about wearing the white jerseys and pants, and then watching them after the game, it's why we do what we do."