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Sunday's game vs. Rodgers won't be audition WFT fans hoped

Football Team

Throughout Aaron Rodgers' flirtation over the summer with never playing for the Green Bay Packers again and his eventual return to the organization for what was labeled at the time as a Last Dance-type campaign, fans on quarterback-hungry squads imagined how sweet it would be to steal Rodgers from the only city he's ever known.

Those in Washington were among that group because they're always among those groups, because they haven't had a star signal caller in, approximately, forever. So, when Rodgers seemed ready to depart the Packers, chatter about bringing him to the Burgundy and Gold began to pick up, even if it felt like the longest of long shots.

Then, when this year's schedule came out and showed that Washington would make a trip to Lambeau Field for Week 7, the most creative and optimistic of supporters could view it as a chance for Ron Rivera's franchise to sell itself to Rodgers.

Essentially, Rivera's club could stop in, say hello and nudge Rodgers by saying, "Hey, if you're still annoyed at the end of the season, you could come join us. Now, let us show you why you should."

Whatever momentum there was behind that idea is undoubtedly gone, though.

With how Washington is playing now, it's laughable to think that Rodgers will look across the sidelines and spend time envisioning what it'd be like to suit up for them. Instead, he'll probably be surveying the visitors as he decides which defender he'll pick on during the next possession.


The problem with how Washington's started 2021 is that it not only has made the rest of this year feel bleak, but it's also dramatically affected how the bigger picture looks. 

The defense, which was supposed to be a cornerstone of another playoff push and sustainable run of success, is shockingly far away from being merely average. That unit was often thought of as a huge factor in wooing Rodgers, or any other established veteran QB, because it was hailed as a passer's best friend.

Currently, however, it's simply an opposing passer's best friend.

Rivera's calming presence atop the team was viewed as another chip in Washington's bargaining to maybe, just maybe, get Rodgers. Hell, Rivera's a California alum, just like the three-time MVP is. 

Unfortunately, the operation under Rivera and a largely rearranged front office/upper management structure is as hectic as it's ever been. Recently, it's somehow been even more chaotic.

Sure, Rodgers linking up with Washington never exceeded anything more than speculation or collective finger-crossing from fans. Plus, while he absolutely was hellbent on bouncing from Green Bay a few months ago, they're 5-1 right now and appear poised to contend for a Super Bowl once again. Perhaps he won't leave after all.

Regardless, whatever minuscule chance there was that Rodgers would change his weekend address from Wisconsin to Landover, Md. has got to be dashed considering Washington's present standing. There's no more potentially auditioning for Rodgers. The main goal for Washington now is to avoid being embarrassed by him.