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Heinicke is celebrating his new WFT deal by drinking Heinekens

Football Team

One month after his gutsy playoff performance against the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Washington Football Team signed quarterback Taylor Heinicke to a two-year deal on Tuesday.

Three months ago, Heinicke was out of the NFL and taking online classes at Old Dominion trying to finish up a math degree. Now, he has a secure contract with Washington and is clearly in the team's future plans at the position, whether that's as a backup or as the starter.

So, how does the 27-year-old plan to celebrate the biggest contract of his NFL career thus far? 

"Well, I'm flying back to Atlanta here soon. I'll be meeting with my mom and stepdad soon, we'll probably go out and get a couple beers or so, a couple Heinekens. We'll celebrate, so it'll be fun," Heinicke said, cracking a smile.

Heinicke celebrating his new deal by drinking Heinekens? Yeah, that's quite on-brand and the only proper way for the quarterback to reward himself.

Endorsement deal, anyone?

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