Taylor Heinicke’s friends still pronounce his name ‘Hein-ick-EE’


What Chase Young says, sticks.

When the soon-to-be Defensive Rookie of the Year started beckoning Taylor Heinicke’s name in an affectionate manner during the NFC Wild Card Game, it went viral almost immediately. So viral, in fact, that Heinicke’s friends started pronouncing his name ‘Hein-ick-EE’ just as Young did.

In an interview with the Washington Football Talk Podcast, Heinicke said his buddies still say his name that way in everyday circumstances.

“When I first got back to my gym, all the guys I was training with before I got the call up—I walked in, they all said it. It’s pretty cool, but no, it’s not been annoying yet,” Heinicke said.

After Heinicke was thrust into the starting QB role, he showed tremendous resolve and composure, albeit during a loss. Led by Heinicke, Washington gave the eventual Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers a run for their money in the NFC Wild Card Game. Heinicke threw for 306 yards, one touchdown to Steven Sims Jr., and perhaps most incredibly, an eight-yard TD run which saw him evade tacklers for almost 10 seconds.

There's a chance D.C. sports fans will be saying 'Hein-ick-EE' a lot next season. The outing for the Old Dominion alum made such a good impression that it earned Heinicke a two-year, $8.75-million contract this offseason.


It’s been a long time coming for Taylor. “Throughout the four, five years I’ve been in the league, I’ve never felt like I’ve had two feet in. I feel like it’s been one foot in, one foot out, just trying to claw my way in and stay there,” Heinicke said on the WFT podcast.

“This feels good. I actually kind of feel comfortable. I feel a little bit secure now that I know I’ll be somewhere next year, so it’s a good feeling.”

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