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Jason Wright backs Ron Rivera's decision to go for 2-point conversion

Football Team

Coaches from couches from all over have criticized Washington head coach Ron Rivera's decision to go for a 2-point conversion at the end of their loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. Team president Jason Wright was not one of them. 

In fact, Wright came to Rivera's defense with some important revelations about the risky decision that ultimately ended up in a broken Kyle Allen rollout to his left and Washington's fifth loss of the season. Wright detailed his musings in the latest "President's Weekly Brief."

The biggest takeaway from Wright's points there was the fact that the decision wasn't a spur-of-the-moment one. Instead, Rivera and the football team came into the game with a clear strategy that if they were in a win-or-tie situation at the end of the game, they were going to go for it. 

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"In the momenthe was decisive and stuck to the strategy he prepared," Wright wrote. "Every organization needs decisive leaders, at all levels, willing to make a call boldly when the moment calls for it. Decisiveness allows your peers and colleagues to work quickly and with rigor because they know the goal, buoyed by confidence in your judgement [sic]."

Leading up to the game, Rivera was hounded with questions regarding his approach to this season. Is it a rebuilding year, or a year to push for the playoffs? Rivera, though, just wants to win. His postgame response to his 2-point conversion decision reflected exactly that. 

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"The only way you learn to win is to play to win," Rivera said.

Wright also noted how he appreciated how Rivera owned the outcome, while still being able to learn, reflect and even alter the game strategy moving forward. 

Whether that means there'll be any more 2-point conversions if that untenable situation arises again remains to be seen. Whatever Rivera opts to do in those late-game opportunities, Wright will have his back.