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Jason Wright explains how Washington's rebranding is unfolding

Football Team

Washington Football Team president Jason Wright continued his efforts to be as transparent as possible about the franchise's ongoing rebranding by taking part in an open forum on the Clubhouse app on Wednesday. During that appearance, Wright was asked to address his recent comments regarding the club's current name.

While some, or even most, treated the moniker as just a placeholder, Wright told ESPN about a group of fans that have "warmed" to it and appreciate how it doesn't "jettison" the organization's past like a new label could.

Yet on Wednesday, when asked directly if Washington Football Team could become the permanent name, Wright explained that the club isn't at that step of its process. 

"We’re not at that stage," he said. "Everything is in. There’s nothing that’s out. There’s nothing that’s thrown out whatsoever."

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The public will have until April 5 to submit their ideas and input on what Washington should be called in the future.

While Wright didn't get specific on what proposals are being considered, he did expand on what he hopes to accomplish whenever Washington does get to the end of the search.


"The brand should represent the type of football team that our fans, coaches and alumni want us to be," Wright said. "The type of culture and ethos that exists between the lines should be reflective in the name brand and identity."

Wright then noted that he's aiming to ensure that Washington, regardless of its name, will continue to serve as a way for fans of all backgrounds and stories to bond. He's aware not everyone will approve of the final choice, yet even so, he wants that love of the franchise to remain.

"In our history, despite our differences, we have been united under the Burgundy and Gold," he said. "It is what has connected people. We want it to touch people's lives beyond football."