Football Team

Terry McLaurin's deep ball will get your weekend started off right

Football Team

The deep ball that Terry McLaurin hauled in on Friday night down the left sideline looked a lot like a meaningful play. It featured him slipping right by a corner as he so often does, and it occurred inside of FedEx Field — yet, ultimately, it didn't really count for anything.

Even so, it was gorgeous to watch.

The Washington Football Team held a Friday Night Football event at its home stadium after a stretch of sessions in Ashburn, Va., and the highlight of the evening came thanks to the club's top receiver. There's video of it, too.

During an 11-on-11 portion that consisted of the starters on offense facing off with the starters on defense, McLaurin found himself isolated against Kendall Fuller. Right from the snap, McLaurin beat Fuller thanks to a tremendous outside release — but Fuller, with his excellent speed, was able to recover and stay close to his man.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick whipped his head around following a play-action fake and laid one out for McLaurin. The ball and Fuller arrived at the same time, but in the end, the defensive back fell victim to the unstoppable talent that is McLaurin:

As far as August cheers go, the one that the crowd gave in response to the throw-and-catch was quite spirited, and the noise only increased when Fitzpatrick legit sprinted straight down the middle of the field to meet McLaurin for a chest bump.


For two guys who only just started getting to know each other recently, No. 14 and No. 17 appear to be getting along swimmingly. Fortunately, only a few weeks exist between now and when these kinds of connections do actually impact a matchup.