Terry McLaurin is playing way better than people realize


It's well documented that Washington's quarterback play has been subpar this season, and that's what makes Terry McLaurin's sophomore season that much more impressive. 

Through three games this year McLaurin ranks 7th among NFL wideouts with 16 catches for 269 yards and one touchdown. He's averaging nearly 17 yards-per-catch. And that's happening with arguably the worst quarterback play in the NFL. 

Consider that, then consider this:

 Well, how does this work? How can McLaurin post these gaudy totals without much help from the passer? 

Here's how it works - McLaurin does it himself:

McLaurin is the ultimate team-first guy. He's not the type to talk about statistics or his ability to create after the catch, but that doesn't mean it's not happening. 

Need an example of McLaurin's ability once the ball gets in his hands? Enjoy.