'Fitz is fun': WFT receiver McLaurin gives rave review of new QB


During the first two seasons of his professional career, Terry McLaurin has caught at least one pass from seven different players and six different quarterbacks. 

Yet, despite having to be on the receiving end of the quarterback carousel in Washington -- one that has spun faster than a Trevor Bauer off-speed pitch -- McLaurin has blossomed into a promising young pass-catcher.

This past offseason, Washington signed veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in free agency, a player that, if all goes well, should be an upgrade over every other signal-caller that McLaurin has played with thus far in his NFL career.

McLaurin got his first taste of what it's like catching passes from the 17-year NFL veteran during Washington's OTAs the past two weeks, and the rising third-year receiver is already starting to feel chemistry building between them.

"We've definitely been able to iron out some things early and made some connection over the past few days," McLaurin said on Thursday via Zoom. "It's starting to feel a lot more natural and being able to get that head start before camp is [really] good."

It's not just Fitzpatrick's ability on the field that has impressed McLaurin, either. McLaurin mentioned that his new quarterback had already been studying his film from last year and even showed him some clips of him running routes that were similar concepts of what Fitzpatrick had run in Miami the last two seasons.

"He's also a student of the game. He's super smart," McLaurin said. "It helps me out because I get to try and see the game through his eyes."


McLaurin will likely be Fitzpatrick's No. 1 target in the fall, but the veteran QB is going out of his way to begin developing a connection with the other wideouts on the roster too.

"He puts an emphasis on really being in communication with the receivers. That's not just me," McLaurin said. "I've seen him communicate with just about every receiver on the roster right now, just about what they're thinking with this route, what they're thinking about with this leverage. I think that is very important to do at this part in the season because you want to try to start making that connection early."

While he's only spent a couple of weeks practicing with Washington so far, Fitzpatrick's veteran presence and command of the offense is already starting to show.

"Fitz is great. The first thing that struck me about him is just that he has a [really] cool, calm demeanor about him," McLaurin said. "When he's in the huddle, it's just really collected."

Over Fitzpatrick's lengthy NFL tenure, the quarterback has developed the reputation of having one of the best personalities in the sport. And, while he's still just getting to know his new Washington teammates, it seems his personality is already starting to shine.

"Fitz is fun," McLaurin said, smiling.