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McLaurin takes pride in gaining respect from Chad Johnson

Football Team

One day after the Washington Football Team's blowout victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving, former NFL wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson left a $963 dollar tip at a local restaurant.

Johnson's gesture had a specific meaning behind it. Each dollar represented one receiving yard that Washington standout pass-catcher Terry McLaurin has hauled in this season. At the time when Johnson gave the tip, McLaurin was the league's leader in yards.

During an appearance on NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Thursday, McLaurin was asked about Ochocinco's gesture.

"I think, first of all, that's a really nice gesture, especially with these tough times we're going through," McLaurin said. "For him to go out of his way to give above and beyond is really cool to see."

This wasn't the first time Johnson has shown public support for McLaurin, though. Since No. 17 entered the league in 2019, Ochocinco has been one of the wide receiver's biggest fans.

Earning that respect from Johnson -- a six-time Pro Bowler and one of the best wideouts during McLaurin's childhood -- is something that means a lot to the Washington receiver. 

"To give that little tip of the cap to me is something I take pride in because when you are getting respect from guys who played your position, played this game at a high level, that can't be overstated," McLaurin said.

During his NFL tenure, Johnson established himself as one of the league's best route runners. His footwork became a model for all up-and-coming wide receivers.


Becoming a better route runner is something McLaurin has prided himself on since entering the NFL, and he's watched former clips of Johnson to help master that craft.

"Ocho, he was a great receiver in his time playing. He was just a technician," McLaurin said. "I liked to watch his film. The way he gets in and out of his cuts, the way he attacks defenders with a ruthless mentality. He goes into each game feeling like nobody can guard him. That's the type of mentality you have to have on the outside to win in this league."

Once the 2020 season ends, McLaurin hopes to link up with Johnson and maybe learn a thing or two from the three-time All-Pro pass-catcher.

"Hopefully in the offseason, me and him can get some work in," McLaurin said. "I can show him a little something and he can show me something, too."