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McLaurin wants WFT's offense to help defense 'turn it around'

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Terry McLaurin and the average Washington Football Team fan may not have much in common — no one should be offended by that, either; it's just that he runs a sub-4.4 second 40-yard dash and that's, er, not common — but one thing the two parties do share is that both are surprised by the club's struggles on defense so far.

"I think we all expected it to be elite right away," McLaurin told JP Finlay on Tuesday in an interview where he also promoted his newfound status as a member of the famous "Got Milk?" campaign. "If you ask them, they'd probably say that they haven't played to the standard that they would expect from themselves."

Members of Washington's defense as well as members of the coaching staff, of course, have been asked about the defensive output through three games, and no one is too thrilled by what's going on.

Chase Young, for one, believes "something has to change" on the unit, a statement that almost everyone — aside from opposing QBs — no doubt vibes with.

But as talented as McLaurin is, he won't be deployed on that side of the ball anytime soon. However, the pass catcher does feel like he, plus the rest of his offensive brethren, can contribute to the defense's cause.

"You've just got to continue to support those guys," McLaurin said. "We've got to put them in better situations and make sure they're not on the field too many times for too long. We've got to take care of the ball, get first downs, allow our special teams to put their offense in backed-up situations and things like that."


The third-year pro is correct in his assessment. Though Jack Del Rio's charges have to do the bulk of the work when it comes to improving their play, Washington's offensive output versus Buffalo in the franchise's most recent contest was not conducive to effective defending.

Against the Bills, McLaurin and Co. didn't score until their fourth drive, as they continued their unfortunate habit of starting so slowly. The three giveaways and turnover on downs they were responsible for were quite detrimental, too.

So, instead of losing faith in the other half of the locker room, McLaurin is choosing to focus on how he can directly impact things in a positive manner.

"It just starts with an honest evaluation of yourself first, individually, and how you can help your group going forward," he said.

Now, remember that piece at the top of this story about how McLaurin and Washington fans actually have a similar opinion of the defense from Week 1 to Week 3?

Well, that intersection will end with the following comment, considering so many devotees are already prepared for the defense to just continue to melt down, whereas McLaurin, at least, expects a course correction to occur shortly.

"I think they'll turn it around," McLaurin said, "and I'm looking forward to see how they bounce back."

So, not only can the dude run absurdly fast, but he's also fairly patient. Yep, he's quite, quite different than the average Washington Football Team fan.