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McLaurin's position coach would like him to be even more consistent

Football Team

All NFL coaches are serious — well, let's say that most NFL coaches are serious — but the man tasked with developing Washington's wide receivers is especially so.

And if you need proof about Jim Hostler's approach to his job on the sidelines, check out this comment he dropped on Friday when he was asked if Terry McLaurin is experiencing a second-year jump in performance.

"Yeah, there is a little bit of a jump," Hostler said during a Zoom. "It just needs to be more consistent. Like all young players, the consistency needs to grow. He does a lot of good things and then he does some things that aren’t so good. We’ve got to even all those out."

Keep in mind that McLaurin is currently sixth in the league in receiving yards and second in yards after the catch; this isn't some fourth wideout who's trying to establish himself as a pro. Yet Hostler is talking about McLaurin that way and still wants a lot more out of the 25-year-old.

That quote provides a solid idea of the kind of person Hostler is, and that high, high bar he's setting will only help McLaurin as well as the others at the position as they come along. If he's watching McLaurin and saying things like his "consistency needs to grow" and "he does some things that aren't so good," that sets a serious tone for the group overall. 


So, where exactly would Hostler like to see McLaurin improve? He was kind enough to outline some areas while speaking with the media.

“It’s the practice part of it," Hostler began. "It’s the repetition part of it. It’s doing a lot more than you’ve done in the past, being in different spots, moving inside. Those are the kinds of things that expand when you’re the number one and teams watch you play and they start defending you. Those are the things that have to develop, and that’s where he is right now. He’s developing in those areas."

Knowing the type of athlete McLaurin is, he's likely processing all of Hostler's words in order to ensure his career just keeps getting better. 

That's something that would make Washington Football Team fans very thrilled, too. Opposing defenses, on the other hand, would feel quite differently. Quite, quite differently.