There's good news hidden in Dwayne Haskins' awful performance


Dwayne Haskins put on one of the worst quarterback performances in recent memory on Sunday, and while it was embarrassing for the Washington Football Team, there is some good news to take from the game. 

Going into the 2020 season, new Washington coach Ron Rivera had one big question to figure out - was Haskins the quarterback of the future?

After everything that transpired in the last week, that answer is a resounding no. 

Against Carolina on Sunday, Haskins threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. In the first half.

At halftime Haskins had just 36 yards passing. He was awful, bad enough that Rivera benched the former 15th-overall pick in the fourth quarter to bring in Taylor Heinicke.

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Who's Heinicke? An undrafted quarterback that was out of the league on Thanksgiving and taking graduate classes at Old Dominion. He had to ask his professors to excuse him from final exams because he got a call from the NFL. 

That's who Haskins got benched for, and in any logical way, that answers the question about his long-term future in Washington. 

Rivera knows Haskins is not the answer in 2020, let alone 2021 and beyond. He might not say it publicly, but the Washington coach has been involved in the NFL for nearly four decades. Rivera knows what an NFL quarterback looks like on and off the field, and deep down, he knows Haskins isn't one. 

Going forward at least Rivera now has the peace of mind that he gave Haskins a chance, and that the young man blew it. 


Washington now needs to address quarterback - immediately - because Chase Young and this Washington defense has a chance to be special. With competency on offense, not an explosive offense just a competent one, this team could win 10 games and compete in the upper reaches of the NFC. 

That could mean finding a veteran QB via a trade or free agency, but it could also mean the NFL Draft. 

Every year rookie quarterbacks come into the league ready to roll. Justin Herbert is the latest example, but it happens every season. Even in Washington, Robert Griffin III had a tremendous rookie season in 2012. 

Rookie or veteran, draft, free agency or trade, Washington needs a starting QB for next season.

It's certainly not Dwayne Haskins.