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'More to it': Brandt wants people to hear all of Cousins' COVID-19 quotes

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Kirk Cousins, who's no stranger to being a polarizing figure, is being a polarizing figure again after telling Kyle Brandt of the 10 Questions podcast that he's taking a "survival of the fittest" stance when it comes to the coronavirus. 

"If I die, I die," Cousins said about possibly contracting it. "I kind of have peace about that."

Well, the other person involved in that interview — which is driving all sorts of conversation in the sports world and beyond — joined the Washington Football Talk podcast on Wednesday to give his personal reaction to Cousins' comments. 

"The problem is I think Kirk said a bunch of other things that didn't make the cuts or didn't make the newspapers," Brandt said, referring specifically to a part of Cousins' answer where the QB explained he wears a mask to be mindful of others despite that not exactly lining up with his personal beliefs. 

"The last thing he said in summing up was, 'Listen, I have some pretty strong convictions about what's going to happen in my life if it happens, however, I wear a mask out of respect for other people, and I think that's greatly lost,'" Brandt told Washington Football Talk. 

Brandt referred to the Vikings passer as his "favorite player in the NFL," in large part because the host finds Cousins "unbelievably authentic." The guy likes Creed, after all, and is open about his liking of Creed. That's the sign of someone who's not afraid to be themselves, according to Brandt.


But Brandt acknowledged that Cousins' boldness lend itself to sparking backlash, and when you add in that the money quote just so happens to sound a lot like a line from Rocky IV, he does understand why there's so much discussion about their exchange.

"That's the thing that gives this Internet and blog legs," he said. "It's getting memed like crazy. It's a bad coincidence."

Brandt didn't even plan on asking Cousins for his thoughts on the virus or the pandemic, but the nature of their interview led them in that direction, so he ad libbed. 

Now, he's left to watch as websites and TV shows and radio voices pick up his chat with his guest and run with it, as he remains adamant that most of those doing so aren't acquiring all of the context. 

"There's more to it," Brandt said. "But him saying, 'If I die, I die' and, 'If I get it, I'll just ride it out,' is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. I think there's a lot of substance to that quote that might've been missing."