These quotes on Heinicke may up your confidence in him


* This video from Sunday's Washington-Panthers game shows that Chase Young is fond of Taylor Heinicke — or, as he pronounces it, High-nick-EE!

Despite that support from the star defender, many — and potentially all — Football Team fans are deeply anxious about the thought of Heinicke starting in their win-and-in contest in Philly, which is quite possible, considering Alex Smith's status is still very unknown.

Well, the following Wednesday quotes from Ron Rivera, Alex Smith and Scott Turner won't eliminate those feelings of extreme nervousness, but perhaps they can dull them just a touch. You know how, when you're hungover, you eat a greasy burger and it sort of softens the hangover? That's what this story could do for you.

So, without any more delay, here's what No. 4's head coach, fellow QB and offensive coordinator offered up in response to post-practice questions about the suddenly super-important signal caller.

His retention was really good [versus Carolina], it really was, and credit to him as a football player.

Ron Rivera

When you consider the courses Heinicke was taking at Old Dominion before signing with the Burgundy and Gold, it's not shocking at all to hear he has above-average retention. That would surely come in handy if he's asked to handle more of the playbook when facing the Eagles.


Definitely impressed with how he went out there, not having played, having limited reps since he's been here... Certainly you could see a lot of that playmaking ability out there.

Alex Smith

An endorsement from Smith = one hell of an endorsement.


He's really a good athlete. He wasn't invited to the Combine, but if he would've been, I think he would've finished in the top-three in all those athletic categories, whether it's 40-yard dash, broad jump, vertical jumps.

Scott Turner

This might be the most intriguing of the trio. Heinicke displayed some of those traits in his brief action in Week 16, and maybe Turner — who hasn't shied away from getting creative this season — will take more advantage of them if Heinicke's in the lineup once more.