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Spread projections show Washington's last 9 games aren't exactly easy

Football Team

When putting the Washington Football Team's schedule next to the Eagles schedule, it's easy to see that the former's remaining path in 2020 is a lot smoother than the latter's. 

However, it's not as if Washington is about to begin a stretch that's Masters greens-like. Yes, anyone would rather deal with their set of opponents over the group Philly has left, but the Burgundy and Gold will still be underdogs in the majority of their matchups the rest of the way.

To help illustrate that point, the Washington Football Talk Podcast invited Andy Mannino of PointsBet Sportsbook on for an interview last week, an during his time on the pod, Mannino projected (emphasis on projected) the spread for each of the franchise's final nine contests this year.

According to Mannino, Ron Rivera's side is expected to be favored in just two of those tilts and potentially could be featured in one pick 'em. Aside from those three, they very well could be looking at a lot of plus signs.

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Here are the numbers Mannino came up with:

  • Week 9 vs. Giants: Washington -3
  • Week 10 @ Lions: Washington +5
  • Week 11 vs. Bengals: Washington -1.5
  • Week 12 @ Cowboys: Pick 'em
  • Week 13 @ Steelers: Washington +12.5
  • Week 14 @ 49ers: Washington +10.5
  • Week 15 vs. Seahawks: Washington +10
  • Week 16 vs. Panthers: Washington +3
  • Week 17 @ Eagles: Washington +5

Look at Week 10, for example. The Lions are certainly beatable, yet Washington possibly opening as a five-point dog shows how that game could be more difficult than many fans are preparing for it to be. As for the Bengals, Washington should have the upper hand, but not by much.


For the Football Team to stay in the NFC East race all the way until the end of December, they likely will need to take care of the Giants, Cowboys, Eagles and at least one other foe, if not two more. That's not out of the question, either.

Those who are assuming they're about to stroll up on a bunch of cupcakes like someone gearing up for a four-year-old's birthday party, though, may need to dial back the optimism just a touch. The real spreads could differ from the above projections, but as of now, Washington still appears to have a lot of work left to do.