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Tweets from when Washington trailed 17-0 are worth reading now

Football Team

Their name might've been different, but early on in the Washington Football Team's season opener, everything else felt largely the same.

The home side started out flat, going three-and-out and then letting the Eagles take a nice Sunday stroll down the field for a touchdown. Dwayne Haskins began 3-for-12 passing. Philadelphia tight ends took turns finding open spots in the secondary.

As the deficit grew to 17 near the end of the first half, Twitter — which is typically a cesspool of negativity — became even more of a cesspool of negativity.

Of course, Washington ended up coming back to steal a win in Ron Rivera's debut. Know what that means?

That means it's time to go through some of the most upset and bitter tweets that were sent as the Burgundy and Gold were taking on water. The people behind these posts weren't necessarily wrong in crafting them — what they were watching deserved criticism — but their vitriol sure is fun to look back on now that the result is known.

A lot of people, for example, were ready to yank — not just pull, but yank — the plug on Dwayne Haskins before two complete quarters were played:

That last person should have their account banned, for the record.

Offensive coordinator Scott Turner took a lot of heat as well:

When that trade happens, Adam Schefter better be sure to credit @pick4ndpop.

Rivera was getting grilled, too, especially when he passed up on a few go-for-it opportunities on fourth down:


Rivera certainly seemed to quiet that crowd, huh?

And, overall, some users were already looking forward to 2021:

Is it OK to get cranky when your team stumbles and then stumbles some more to start a season? Sure. But when that passion pushes you to wonder if Tim Tebow is the superior option to run an offense, that's a sign that some more chill is needed.