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Three WFT players who could actually be enticing trade pieces

Football Team

There's not going to be a huge line of buyers picking through Washington's roster ahead of the NFL's trade deadline on Tuesday because, to be frank, they're really bad. Sometimes, there's no point in being anything other than blunt.

However, the franchise does employ a few players who could be enticing to other organizations. 

So, even with the understanding that pro football's trade deadline isn't as busy as other leagues' as well as the fact that the Burgundy and Gold would probably receive meager resources in return on basically any deal they make, the team would be wise to consider shipping these three guys away.

JD McKissic

McKissic is the sport's best pass-catching running back this side of Alvin Kamara, and that's not even a hot take. He hauled in 80 balls in 2020 and has 33 receptions so far in 2021, including 20 in his last three outings.

For an offense that's functioning about as well as a TV remote with one battery, the thought of moving McKissic surely doesn't sound that attractive. That said, he's a 28-year-old pending free agent and his stock has never been higher.

Now may be the time to capitalize on that, even if it means doing so for just a Day 3 pick. 

Think about how well McKissic could fit in with, say, the Rams or the Raiders or the Chiefs, three squads who could certainly use his skill set in their backfield. No one could fault Rivera for wanting to keep McKissic around — his usefulness can't be understated — but if he's worried about losing the veteran this offseason, Rivera might as well trade him before that occurs.


Tim Settle

Like McKissic, Settle is due to hit free agency in March of 2022. Unlike McKissic, though, Settle doesn't have much of a role for Washington.

Perhaps another defense has one for him.

With Matt Ioannidis healthy again on the defensive line, Settle's behind him, Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen. That's why he's seeing action on just 19% of defensive snaps, compared to 33% last season.

The fourth-year pro did post five sacks in 2020 when he was more involved, suggesting he can produce when given the opportunity. Interior pressure is always in high demand and he's shown glimpses of being able to produce it.

Overall, Settle's another player where getting something for him presently would be better than getting nothing soon.

Daron Payne

Payne is the biggest name out of these three and the only one whose contract doesn't expire in the offseason. Instead, No. 94 has one more year left on his agreement beyond this current campaign.

Therefore, he wouldn't necessarily be a stretch-run rental, which could make him more appealing to those who are shopping.

Payne's pass-rushing numbers are rather pedestrian, sure, but he's a run-game clogger and as football-first in the locker room as they come. In a perfect world, Washington would no doubt want him to stick around, but the team's defensive line tab is only expected to grow in the future, meaning there may not be enough room for him in the plans.

Even with that in mind, Rivera shouldn't just drop Payne the moment he gets a phone call about him, if those calls come. Payne is one case where Washington should be picky — but by no means should they rule out the idea of trading him, or anyone, really.