Football Team

3 Washington players who'd love to have a strong run of practices

Football Team

The Washington Football team returns to the field on Saturday, which marks the start of four straight days of open practice.

Here are three players who could really use a strong stretch of football in Ashburn after a disappointing last week of work.

Dwayne Haskins

The quarterback has been more down than up so far in the presence of reporters. No, the struggles aren't all on him — his offensive line is holding up about as well as a Kyle Shanahan Super Bowl lead and his non-Terry McLaurin receivers aren't separating enough — but they are still plenty on him.

"You watch him go through his progressions, his reads and he does some things that he needs to do, and then a couple times you see him not going through his progressions, not keeping the right tempo or pace to it," Ron Rivera said Wednesday when asked about his progression, sounding just a bit perturbed about the instances when Haskins isn't handling his fundamental duties.

2020 should still belong to Haskins. He's still immensely talented. But he'd surely love to come out on Saturday and display better accuracy and lead more sustained drives, and then carry that momentum into Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well.

Reuben Foster

Foster has taken most of his reps with the third-string defense as he tries to get comfortable playing football again, which is something he hasn't really done since October 2018. So far, it appears as if he has a ways to go before he really makes an impact on the linebacking corps. 


Foster recently admitted he's not as confident as he'd like to be in his knee, and that's understandably affecting his on-field contributions. Even with the third-stringers, he has yet to make a tangible impact.

Ryan Anderson told the media Thursday that a healthy Foster is the best player he's personally ever seen. Washington, though, would settle for Foster merely getting back to a solid place. Right now, he's below even that, but that could change the second he begins trusting his leg again.

Geron Christian

Haskins and Foster are on this list because they've been underwhelming. Christian, on the other hand, is here because he's been trending upward and obviously would benefit from that continuing.

Saahdiq Charles has yet to participate in an open session and is slated to miss at least a few more days due to his calf injury. That's left Christian and Cornelius Lucas as the lone options at left tackle, and Christian has been the one seeing the majority of snaps with the first-teamers.

A month ago, the thought of Christian opening the year as Washington's starter there didn't exist. It's absolutely in play now. But it'll be on him to keep improving, and that effort has to resume on Saturday.