Settle believes Jaylen Waddle is infringing on his penguin dance


After scoring a touchdown against the Saints this past Monday, Dolphins rookie wideout Jaylen Waddle celebrated by, well, waddling around the end zone like a penguin. It's a move Waddle has done a few times this season, and on the surface, it appears to be a rather harmless thing.

After all, who could hate on such a fun-loving, goofy gesture? 

The answer to that question is Washington defensive tackle Tim Settle. Tim Settle can hate on such a goofy, fun-loving gesture.

You see, Settle has his own version of a penguin-themed dance that he pulls out after sacks. Settle has actually featured it since his days at Virginia Tech and he got to do it quite often in 2020 because he pummeled opposing quarterbacks on five different occasions. 

Unfortunately, Settle's playing time in 2021 has been rather limited, so he hasn't penguin-ed once this year. That's allowed Waddle to become the league's foremost penguin person, which is a fact that Settle just isn't ready to accept.

"I feel like he tried to add his little, own swag in there but you can't take [it] from me," Settle told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay in a one-on-one podcast interview. "Come on now."


"It's the history," Settle continued. "I know [Waddle's] last name's cool, but it's the history."

Right before the interview concluded, Settle circled back to the topic just to ensure his point came across.

"Anything penguin-related, don't mention anybody else's name but your boy," he said while enthusiastically patting his own chest.

When Settle saw Waddle's antics on Monday night, yes, he was perturbed. Clearly.

However, he also took it as a promising omen. He explained why to Finlay.

"I feel like that's just a signal for me that it's coming," Settle said. "I feel like that was a sign to tell me that it's coming."

A season ago, Settle appeared in 33 percent of defensive snaps, but that number has dropped to just 20 percent during this campaign. Sadly, he doesn't have a sack through 16 weeks of the schedule.

With the Eagles coming to FedEx Field this weekend, though, Settle believes he's going to break the ice — there's a semi-funny penguin pun for you! — soon. And when he does, he intends to enjoy it.

Really enjoy it, actually.

"I might get a flag, I'm not getting a flag, I might get a flag, I'm not getting a flag," he said, going back and forth with himself. "But I might get a flag. I'm just letting you know.

"Shoulders are going to be bouncing, I'm going to have a perfect tilt, perfect lean, it's going to be crazy."

It's also going to serve as an emphatic, cease and desist-type message to Waddle.