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Time to ride with Dwayne Haskins again in Washington? It just might be

Football Team

With Ron Rivera naming Alex Smith his starter next weekend against the Lions, the comeback story continues.

As great as it to see Smith's return to the football field though, does it really benefit the Washington Football Team to start him the rest of the year?

Not with expectations continuing to plummet, Kyle Allen's ankle injury, and the 2020 season getting closer to being totally lost. Rivera needs to consider more significant time for Dwayne Haskins even if it means leaving not even a sliver of a doubt that he has no future in Washington. 

Isn't exhausting all possibilities what we should want anyway? 

Yes, I've been on record many times this year that Haskins is not the guy. I've also made it pretty clear that cutting bait and trading him at the deadline would've been worth doing.

The problem is he's still here, so you might as well take advantage of it, something others around the NFL, including Torrey Smith, agree with too. 

Sure, Alex does give them the best chance to win right now, but what's your end game? Six wins? Please don't bring that "division is still in reach" narrative because it's embarrassing. 

Give Smith a couple weeks, then just wrap this awful season up riding the Haskins train even if it's on fire and wobbling off the tracks. 


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With Haskins now again just one play away from returning to the field, former Washington quarterback Jason Campbell made it clear Haskins "better be ready" if his number is called upon again too.

"He better be ready. That's all I have to say because he's definitely being watched," Campbell said on Washington Football Postgame Live.

It's unclear if Haskins is the team's future, but given that he was a first-round pick just a year ago, the team didn't trade him before the deadline. Allen's injury on Sunday was the latest step in the wrong direction for this season. Why not take advantage of the back half of this schedule and see if Haskins has learned anything.

What do you have to lose? More games?