Brady explains short press conference, feelings after WFT loss

Tom Brady

Following Washington’s upset win over the Buccaneers on Sunday, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady took the podium for his postgame press conference in no mood to dive into the specifics of the loss his team just took.

According to my colleague Pete Hailey’s deep dive into the presser, Brady took questions for a grand total of one minute and 40 seconds before exiting the room. After taking a few days to study the film and move on from the game, Brady talked with Jim Gray on his podcast "Let’s Go!" about his thought process following a loss like Sunday’s in Landover.

“That’s a real challenge for me, especially as I’ve gotten older because the expectations are so high,” Brady said. “When you win it’s a relief and when you lose it’s a real disappointment. So, sometimes you’re missing the joy in this, and I have to be reminded of the joy of playing. That takes a little perspective, but it’s hard when you’re in the fight.

“When you’re in the middle of the fight and it’s the seventh round of the fight, it’s hard to take a step back because you feel like you’re still — you want to go out there and slug it out again. So, I wish there was a lot great to come from losing and there is when you can take a couple days, but sometimes when you catch me on a Monday, you (Gray) really piss me off.”


Brady quickly insisted he was joking with Gray at the end, but it’s clear the seven-time Super Bowl champion takes each loss pretty hard. For the Buccaneers to take their third loss of the season to a team that was 2-6 going into the game, that one had to hurt.