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Tom Brady responds to Chase Young: 'He's a great young player'

Football Team

From the moment Washington clinched its spot in the postseason on Sunday night, it became clear that Chase Young is really excited to face Tom Brady.

He said so as he trotted off the field in Philadelphia and had even noted that he wanted to sack Brady back at the NFL Combine. It was a statement out of respect, as Young treasures the opportunity to prove himself against one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

On Wednesday, Brady returned the praise when speaking on Young's comments. Much like the defensive end, he's ready for the challenge.

“You know, he’s obviously a great young player, so we got our hands full with that D-Line, one of the best D-Lines in the league," Brady said. "Chase is a great young player."

“We’re prepared for a tough challenge, should be a fun game," Brady added.

Like a true Michigan grad, Brady did have to work in one friendly jab about Young's alma mater.

"Went to Ohio State so naturally, I think the Ohio State-Michigan thing wears off on him a little bit," Brady said. "I understand that.”