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Top plays from the Washington Football Team's offseason so far

Football Team

For those of you thinking, "Is this really an article recapping the top plays from an NFL team's May and June practices, sessions that didn't include pads, tackling or an actual opponent?" there's only one word for you.


Just because Washington's OTAs and minicamp only partly resembled the football you typically see on Sundays doesn't mean there weren't some standout highlights worth discussing.

So, you can either take your smarmy attitude elsewhere (preferably elsewhere on this same website, though) or you can continue to read about the following five plays that were noteworthy.

Isaiah Wright spears it

The second-year wideout may have been running this little stop-and-go route versus oxygen, but that doesn't take away from the manner in which he calmly plucked Ryan Fitzpatrick's heater right out of the sky:

One hand. Two feet. Six points.

Cole Holcomb's athletic pass breakup

Washington's defense is loaded, and because of that, Holcomb's name is often forgotten when chatting about Jack Del Rio's unit.

If Holcomb continues to notch deflections like this one, however, he'll surely be brought up a lot more often:

That is an absurdly good piece of defending by No. 55.

Dustin Hopkins' clutch kick

Forget trying to make a kick to win a game; this field goal was to end Thursday's practice, and if Hopkins missed it, the entire Burgundy and Gold roster would have had to go through a mock conditioning test on what was a simmering morning.

Fortunately, Hopkins delivered:

That was on Washington's Arena League-style goalposts, by the way, which are much skinnier than the NFL variety.


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Khaleke Hudson's acrobatic interception

Why does Hudson land a few spots ahead of Holcomb, when they're both speedy linebackers making a difference in pass coverage?

Well, because Hudson actually registered a turnover in his matchup:

Antonio Gandy-Golden's one-hander

Sadly, this final gem, courtesy of Gandy-Golden, occurred after the media's allotted filming time, meaning there are no clips of it circulating on social media.

Even so, this picture gives you a pretty clear idea of just how miraculous the former fourth-round pick's snare of a deep shot was:

If he doesn't have that framed and hanging in his house by the end of the month, something's gone wrong.