Tress Way has a simple request when it comes to WFT's new name


Tress Way isn't asking for all that much. 

With Washington set to unveil its franchise's new name next month — an announcement that will bring what's been a very complicated, very long process to an end — the team's punter has a super simple request for those in charge of the rebranding. 

"Dude, I'm just really hoping for a dope, dope hat that I can just wear backwards," Way said in an interview with the Washington Football Talk podcast (the episode with the full chat will be released later this week). "I think that'd be so sweet."

See? He's not a greedy man.

During Way's time on the pod, he expressed extreme enthusiasm about what Washington will soon be called, and the enthusiasm did in fact go beyond his fixation on getting a hat. Sure, that's a sticking point, but he is quite taken by the search as a whole.

For one, the Pro Bowler was thrilled to see his face make the promotional video that the organization released on Tuesday to hype up the February reveal. "Definitely honored," is how he described his reaction to seeing that.

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Just because he notched a cameo appearance in the promo, though, doesn't mean he's privy to what Washington is going to become. He's just as curious as every outsider, actually.


"I'm with the rest of the fans," Way said. "I'm with you guys trying to piece together all the little things of what it could be."

Now, Way did rule out one possibility, even if it would send his personal fame skyward like he does so often to footballs on fourth down.

"I think that the Washington Ways would just be a little overkill," the punter admitted. "That's not the way to go. I saw a couple of fans write that one in, I was honored, but I don't think that's the route."

In addition to the upcoming name, the team will soon have the opportunity to show off its new uniforms, too. And because of a couple scenes and conversations in the Tuesday video, supporters are surmising that Washington will come out with an alternate look in addition to their go-to threads — including, perhaps, black jerseys and helmets.

Consider Way to be in favor of that idea.

"I'm definitely down for a little bit of black in there," Way said. "I've been told that black is slimming as well, so that may help me out in the swag department." 

As funny and dry-humored as the specialist is, he does understand the gravity of next month's change. So, near the end of the interview, he did outline what direction he'd like the moniker to trend toward.

"Our organization has been around for so frickin' long and not every team can say that," Way said. "And so, being true to D.C., being true to our history, the rich history and things like that, I'd love to see a cool throwback of anything tying into that."

"But you're just asking for the punter's two cents on that one," Way added. "I'm down to be here regardless."

As long as the hat comes through, that is.