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This Tress Way record really sums up Washington's Week 5 loss

Football Team

When an NFL punter sets a franchise record, it usually means his team didn't have the best Sunday.

The mark that Tress Way set for Washington in their Week 5 loss to the Rams is definitely proof of that.

The beloved specialist launched 10 punts for the Burgundy and Gold at FedEx Field, and those 10 punts went for 511 yards. 

Per Pro Football Reference, that is the most total punt yards in a single game for Washington. And Washington has played more than its fair share of football as an organization, for your information.

The specialist was especially active for a few reasons. The Burgundy and Gold's quarterbacks, for example, were sacked eight times. As a whole, the offense was just 2-for-13 on third downs, which will bring down their already league-worst percentage in that area. Download and subscribe to Washington Football Talk Podcast

That combination meant that No. 5's left foot got a serious workout versus Los Angeles.

Way is one of the few players on Washington that can truly claim he's one of the best at his position when compared to the rest of the NFL. He's building off of his 2019 Pro Bowl season, too, as he's currently putting together another standout campaign, according to some of the sport's most important punting stats.

That said, he finds himself in a strange spot, considering the more he appears, the more likely it means his squad is struggling. 


Way simply has to do his job when he's asked to, though, and he did it really well on Sunday. Still, he, the rest of the roster and the entire coaching staff would be thrilled if he never came close to matching the record that's now his. Hopefully, that 511 stands from now until the end of time, and then even some beyond that.