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Unsealed court documents show messy fight over WFT sale

Football Team

John Moag, the investment attorney for the Washington Football Team's three minority partners looking to sell their shares of the team, threatened Dan Snyder with a text message that read in part "you know what I know" according to recently unsealed court documents.

The documents, posted on the Richmond Times-Dispatch, are heavily redacted to avoid impacting the sale but do show lawyers for the minority partners urging Snyder to complete a sale quickly to avoid a "detailed review of WFI's books, records, and past transactions." 

The sale, of course, has not gone quickly and his instead devolved into a messy business breakup. The court fight is just one of many issues facing Snyder off the field - the NFL is also investigating the team after a damning series of articles in the Washington Post detailing alleged sexual harassment and a toxic culture in Ashburn.

Moag's text, which was included in the filings by Snyder's attorneys, appeared to threaten to reveal unknown dirt if Snyder didn't expedite the sale.

"If you continue your game, you know what I know and what I have never spoken about," it read in part. "And you know it has nothing to do about the media [expletive] ... it's the more serious [expletive].

"If you want to get to a clean conclusion, let me know. If you want a [expletive] show, we are on for that too."


It is not clear what Moag is referring to. 

Snyder has been accused of blocking the sale of 40 percent of the team's shares to a group of investors including the billionaire co-founders of Clearlake Capital for $900 million.