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Vernon Davis calls Alex Smith "the most resilient man" he's ever met

Football Team

Alex Smith has had a rollercoaster of a career in the NFL, to say the least, but according to his former teammate, Vernon Davis, it’s his resilience that makes him unlike any other player.

After being sidelined for 20 months due to a gruesome leg injury, Smith was finally cleared to resume football activity on Saturday for the first time since November 2018. During his recovery, he suffered multiple infections, and many believed he would never play again. 

But if anyone could bounce back from something that catastrophic, Davis knew it would be Smith.

“When I look at Alex Smith, he’s probably the most resilient man I’ve ever met in my life,” the former Washington tight end said back in February in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Smith and Davis played as teammates for nine seasons in the NFL, first for the 49ers from 2006-12 and again in Washington from 2018 until Davis’ retirement this past offseason. Davis has seen Smith go through some of the best and worst of times in his career and spoke about his respect for his former teammate shortly after he retired in February.

“Going back to San Francisco, having multiple offensive coordinators then being benched twice on the same team and going to Kansas City and just rejuvenating himself – when you look at someone who’s a warrior and someone who’s been through so much, he exemplifies that,” Davis said.


After 13 seasons of ups and downs with San Francisco and Kansas City, Smith arrived in Washington, just to have his season ended by a devastating leg break.

“That was one of the worst injuries in sports,” Davis said. “We’ll probably never see an injury like that. It was just truly difficult to watch, but to see how hard he’s been working and to get to where he is right now. Even having the opportunity to play football again when a lot of people counted him out. He’s been working. He’s been putting in the work and he still comes in that building with a smile on his face. To be around Alex and just to feel his energy has been impeccable.”

Davis and many others have wondered how Smith can remain so positive through this challenging time. Smith spoke out Monday about his determination and mindset when taking on challenges, stating he could not sleep at night if he gave up and didn’t face them.

Ultimately, Smith will return to action again this season and once again prove resilient through any challenge life throws his way.

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