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Vernon Davis upset by Washington name change: 'It hurt deep down inside'

Football Team

It's no secret that fans across the globe are on both sides of the fence when it comes to the Washington Football Team deciding to move on from their previous monicker of "Redskins."

One person who was against the change, and recently voiced his displeasure, is former Washington TE Vernon Davis. 

"I feel like a part of me has been taken away," Davis told TMZ. "I grew up a Washington Redskins fan, right? I've always wanted to play for the team as a kid. I always had dreams and aspirations to play for that team."

"So, for them to change the name, it really hurt. It hurt deep down inside."

Davis, a Dunbar high school graduate, spent three seasons with Washington from 2016-2019 before abruptly retiring after 14 years in the league. 

"But I understand it's a business. It's all business," Davis said. "If there's a lot of complaints and everyone's asking and if it's going to shine a better light on the organization, and just everything in general, I think it's best,"

While no permanent name has been announced, Washington has decided to operate as the "Washington Football Team," until further notice. The organization has also put up the website for fans to propose what they believe the next name should be, where "tens-of-thousands," of submissions have been received in the past week.