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This video of Haskins' 2020 misses isn't totally fair to him

Football Team

Dwayne Haskins' rough week got rougher on Thursday, when a video of some of his worst throws from 2020 was published on Twitter. 

As expected, the nearly two-minute clip isn't exactly fun to watch, unless you really enjoy incomplete passes and disappointed receivers.

Here it is, in case you haven't seen it yet:

In addition to not exactly being fun, the video also isn't exactly fair to the quarterback, either.

Before getting into why, however, it's undeniable that Haskins hasn't delivered after an offseason that led many to expect he would. That's largely why Ron Rivera benched him on Wednesday in favor of Kyle Allen. 

On top of that, the footage in the post does highlight his much-discussed mechanical shortcomings, such as some tosses where his feet aren't set or he's using solely his arm. It also features a few misses that are downright inexcusable. 

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All of that is to say that Haskins hasn't necessarily put himself in a spot where he should be strongly defended. But he should be when it comes to that particular tweet.

As some have pointed out, the same kind of thing could be produced for any signal caller, and that includes the top ones like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. Here's one starring Patrick Mahomes, for example:

There is no more nuanced position in sports than QB, and no position in sports requires as much context as QB. The video of Haskins provides no room for nuance or really any context; it's just a mashup of mistakes that's being watched a lot because he's in the news for negative reasons.


Again, aspects of that montage are concerning, such as his lack of touch and inconsistent footwork. However, the montage itself shows no positive plays — which he has made this season — and doesn't do him any favors in terms of explaining each situation he was facing, the type of pressure he received or the quality of receiver he was targeting. 

It's certainly easy to digest those 120 seconds and declare that Haskins will never succeed in the NFL. That's only 120 seconds of a much larger sample size, though.