VIDEO: Here's a huge clue Commanders will be WFT's new name


A major clue about what Washington's next name will be emerged Tuesday night, about 12 hours ahead of the club's official Wednesday morning announcement.

During a flight over FedEx Field, NBC Washington's Chopper4 captured a view of the team's in-stadium store and spotted "Washington Commanders" signage.

Here is a photo from NBC's helicopter — though the team store later turned out the lights to make the new merchandise much harder to see:

Speculation about the franchise choosing Commanders as its new name has been building as of late, yet this clearly goes beyond Twitter sleuthing, investigations into website domains and Joe Theismann potentially letting it slip on national radio on Monday. 

And who knows? It could all be a big fake out. Team president Jason Wright has said in public he is not above some subterfuge to keep the name a secret as long as he can.

Washington will fully reveal its name on The Today Show on Wednesday.