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Watch Logan Thomas go up and get one over William Jackson III

Football Team

Logan Thomas' pockets recently got quite a bit heavier, but fortunately, they aren't affecting the Washington tight end's ability to go up and snag touchdowns.

Just in case you need proof of that, he provided some in Tuesday's training camp practice in Ashburn, Va.

Here's what happened...

Near the end of the morning action, Washington's first-team offense found themselves in a fourth-and-long situation against the starting defense, thanks to a Montez Sweat sack. 

So, knowing that it was time to get crazy or get off the field, Ryan Fitzpatrick (unsurprisingly) chose the former. And that's where Thomas comes in.

After taking the snap from center, Fitzpatrick eventually busted outside of the pocket (though, as described here, Chase Young believes he got to the quarterback before he escaped) and decided to wing one deep to Thomas, who was matched up one-on-one with stud corner William Jackson III.

Watch what occurs next, courtesy of the franchise's social media staff:

Thomas was able to re-route himself to get into position for the Fitzpatrick pass and then with a subtle shove, he got Jackson III off of him (by the way, a ref was standing in the vicinity of their battle and deemed that Thomas' push was legal, so get out of here with that if you planned on coming here with that).

In addition to tweeting the clip, Washington also posted it on Instagram. There, Jackson III offered two comments.


"I should have had that one," Jackson said.

"Can y’all post my pick plz," he added a bit later, clearly asking for some balanced journalism.

Sadly for him, his interaction with Thomas was anything but balanced.