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See the latest vision for what the Redwolves could look like

Football Team

The Washington Football Team hasn’t even decided on a permanent name, but there has been no shortage of ideas for what the franchise will look like moving forward. The team has encouraged suggestions, and fans have obliged, specifically when it comes to the “Redwolves” movement.

New team president Jason Wright has already seen the massive movement on social media with endless support from a fanbase in search of a new identity. Several fans have followed with their vision on what the “Redwolves” could look like, including the latest post from The DC Wolfpack Instagram account.

While their account features several interpretations of what the “Redwolves” uniforms could be, their latest post features a slightly different color scheme when compared to the current burgundy and gold look, with imagery of the Washington, D.C. flag front and center.

A decision does not appear to be imminent, so the franchise can expect several more suggestions like this to consider as the process continues.