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WFT and Eagles players join for moment of unity prior to kickoff

Football Team

Prior to kickoff between the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles, both teams came together for a moment of unity to bring attention to social justice issues the country faces.

After warmups, players and staff from both teams locked arms and met in the middle of the field, forming an oval during the playing of "Life Every Voice and Sing."

Players then headed to their sidelines and kneeled for a moment of silence. During that time, the screen in the stadium listed the names of victims of violence and police brutality.

As the National Anthem was played, the Washington Football Team stood on the field, while some players such as quarterback Dwayne Haskins raised their fists. 

The Philadelphia Eagles remained in the locker room.

Across the league, teams and players are putting forward gestures to show unity and bring attention to social injustice while demanding that changes be made.

It was unclear what exactly Washington would do leading up to the game, as head coach Ron Rivera said the team was meeting on Friday to discuss what action they would take. All Rivera wanted was for every player to respect each other's choices.