Washington is back on the hunt for a franchise QB and Ron Rivera knows it


Greatness comes in many forms, but regardless of its shape or size, greatness stands out. Even when something isn't quite great but still very good, that's obvious too. 

That applies to anything: steak, artwork, music, websites. Even for things that are extremely subjective, greatness stands out. 

And unfortunately for the Washington Football Team, this same concept can be applied to the quarterback position. 

After a disappointing 23-20 loss on Sunday that dropped its record to 2-6, Washington Football head coach Ron Rivera was asked if his team had a true franchise quarterback on its roster. 

"That’s the question we have to answer as coaches - is our franchise quarterback here? Is he on the roster? Is he being developed, or is he somewhere else? Again, we’ll continue to go through that and look at it and evaluate it and see exactly where we are," Rivera said.

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Franchise quarterbacks are great, and head coaches certainly know when they've got one. 

That Rivera couldn't answer the question is the answer to the question. 

Despite having two first-round QBs on the roster, Washington still doesn't have a franchise quarterback. 

The No. 1 overall pick in 2005, Alex Smith is 36 and working his way back from a two-year absence. Everyone knows about the injury. Smith is a great story and might be able to help this team now and next season in a mentorship role, but at this stage of his career, Smith is not a franchise quarterback. 


The No. 15 pick just last year, Dwayne Haskins appears further away from franchise quarterback status than Smith. Haskins started the first four games of the year before he got benched in favor of Kyle Allen (another non-franchise QB). Rivera dropped Haskins to third-string, and there has been plenty of speculation the team wants to move on from Haskins this offseason. 

Haskins might emerge as a franchise QB somewhere, but it's damn near impossible to see that happening with Rivera in Washington. Why? Because Rivera has already benched Haskins and made him third-string. 

Here's the most important part - Rivera's comments make clear that Washington will be back on the quarterback hunt.

And that's a hunt that never seems to end in Washington. 

Sure, a decent quarterback might last a few seasons, but franchise quarterbacks are prized possessions. 

Washington hasn't had one since, well, since maybe Joe Theismann. Hell, maybe since Sonny Jurgensen. 

There have been good seasons - Mark Rypien in 1991, Robert Griffin III in 2012, Kirk Cousins in 2015 - but by organizational malpractice, injury, or odd circumstances, no QB has found prolonged, sustained success in Washington. 

And by the sound of it, Rivera doesn't expect that from anybody on the current roster. 

QBX represents the quarterback who will finally end Washington's revolving door of mediocrity at the position. And he's not currently on the team. 

Welcome back to the hunt for QBX. It's like Washington never left.