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Jack Del Rio on Chase Young: 'I'm glad he's on our team'

Football Team

One of the easiest takeaways from Washington's Week 1 win over the Philadelphia Eagles was that Chase Young is going to be a problem for opposing offenses.

With 1.5 sacks in his debut, the No. 2 overall pick looked as good as advertised. His ability to get to the quarterback and chase down runners -- no pun intended -- demonstrated just how frustrating he will be to contain.

Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has seen all of Young's brilliance early on, and it has him feeling thankful that his team is gameplanning with Young, not against him.

“He’s awesome, I’m glad he’s on our team," Del Rio said to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay.

The two's time together has been short given how the coronavirus pandemic impacted the offseason, but Del Rio can already tell that Young is not any ordinary defender. Yet it's not just the physical aspect of his game that impresses the longtime coach, but the mental part as well.

For as talented as Young is on the field -- and all the different areas he can excel in -- Del Rio has noticed that from the beginning he's carried the work ethic and attitude to match.  

“I think he’s an outstanding football player. He shows up playing the run, he shows up in pursuit chasing the ball down the field, he shows up around the quarterback," Del Rio said. "He’s been very serious from day one, his approach has been outstanding.”

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Del Rio always noted that the influence of veteran Ryan Kerrigan, Washington's new all-time sack leader, has been instrumental for Young. Not only has the 10-year pro continued to play at a high level, but he's made sure to take Young and other rising stars under his wing.

"I think having a mentor like Ryan Kerrigan I think is outstanding for him," Del Rio said. "Ryan has been excellent, he’s just a professional in everything he does and I think he’s a great example for [Montez] Sweat and Chase.”

The future is bright for Young and Washington's defensive front, and Del Rio is lucky enough to be the man who gets to work with all the talent.